The history of garages and garage doors brings to light interesting facts that focus on style and constant innovation.

When you look for garage door installation near me, you connect with someone with practical skills that developed over time through experimentation and education. The beginning of the garage door started with carriage doors back in medieval European times.

The Evolution of Garage Door Technology Over Time

Carriage doors were hardly universal because only the wealthy and royal families could afford large structures to store their big carriages and the horses that pulled them. The doors for huge carriage houses were made of wood panels with cross sections and iron hardware. The wrought iron style remains popular today for garage doors – especially on country estates and farms.

Today, garage construction has skyrocketed, and 80% of homes have a garage door. The invention of the automobile in the late 1800s ushered in the industrial revolution, and fast-moving technology became intricately intertwined with automobile proliferation.

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Technology Upgrades

As cars developed, the spaces to keep them also evolved. Only the rich could afford early models of automobiles, and cars often parked in stables and barns. The introduction of the Model T Ford and assembly line production began to fuel the drive to own an automobile among the middle class. Garages began to replace carriage houses as an integral part of many homes.

C.D. Johnson, a U.S. inventor, created the first version of an electric overhead garage door in 1926. [1] This version operated as a panel outside the garage building, and remote controls first came into popular use. During the 1940s, wartime shortages of stainless steel made wooden garage doors gain popularity.

Garage Architectural Trends

The 1950s and 1960s ushered in technology advances, peaceful times and a renewed emphasis on family life and economic development. These facts resulted in the Baby Boom, and U.S. customers wanted bigger, more powerful cars for their large families.

At the same time, people focused more on labor-saving devices and consumer conveniences, and the two-car garage became a status symbol. Garage architecture became more important, and many families wanted garages that matched the style of their homes.

Today’s Smart Technology for Garage Door Openers

Garage doors use high-tech smart technologies that include access from multiple devices. Your garage door opener] connects to sensors embedded in your garage door to enable fingerprint access, voice activation, security alerts and face recognition. You can control your garage door from any location and connect other smart home services to your opener.

Does Smart Technology Affect Garage Door Repair Near Me?

Finding the right garage door repair service might seem stressful because of all the advanced technology, but certified repair technicians know their material from years or repair education and experience. You can repair your tech-heavy garage door or the opener or opt to install replacements or upgraded systems.

Automated garage door openers became the first home automation device during the Great Depression in the United States. However, it took until the 1970s before door openers became relatively common household features.

Many safety features had to be worked out after multiple accidents, but the U.S. government mandated [protection laws in 1993. The government required that advanced sensors be installed in garage doors to prevent injuries and deaths.

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Garage Door Installation

The 1970s saw an even greater increase in two-car garages and automated garage door openers. The mid-1980s produced the wireless garage door opener. This technology used a simple transmitter that, unfortunately, opened other garage doors and breached home security.

Modern systems use a 433 MHZ frequency that ensures security with an encrypted changing code. This approach eliminates signal interference and makes it difficult to hack the unique code used for each transaction.

As garage door technology advances, security becomes a bigger concern for most Tarzana families. Ask questions about a technology
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